Genki VS Powerfit : Whole Body Vibration Machine Buying Guides

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Whole body vibration, or WBV training is becoming more and more popular in Australia. According to studies, WBV training can accelerate weight loss, eliminate unwanted fat and train and tone muscles in a fraction of the time required when using traditional training methods. You can increase muscle tone, strength, circulation and flexibility in ONLY 10 minutes a day, 3 times a week by using it. No wonder more and more people would like to buy one now. Read this before you buy: Compare the Genki Ultra Slim Vibration Platform 2nd Gen with the Powerfit Vibration Machine. We will compare specifications, features and pricing. Let us help you to decide which machine is right for you, and ultimately save you money!


Knowing which features to look for will help you select the best WVB machine for you. Take a look below at the differences between the machines… most notably you will see a big variance in price! Don't miss our extensive analysis of the top vibration platform machines and our pick for your best bet.


What's the difference between the vibration machines?

Actually, all vibration machines have similar functions. They are oscillating platforms, with similar designs, same movements and similar programs. However, there are still some differences among them for you to figure out and make the best choice:

Product details

The Powerfit  vibration machine employs a 200W motor to deliver oscillating (pivotal) vibrations to the plate. There are 3 pre-programmed exercise routines available; the primary goal of these programs is to introduce muscle confusion into the workout. The unit has 99 speed settings.

Genki Vibration Platform 2nd Gen has an easy-to-read display showing how much time has elapsed per session and which speed mode you have chosen. There are 120 Speed Levels available, along with 10 Auto Running Program. What's more, its portability is ideal for use at an office or hotel room.


Genki Vibration Platform 2nd Gen is easy to set up and use. Its generous dimensions should provide users of all sizes a sense of security during use. And its entire platform has a non-slip surface, allowing users to wear standard athletic shoes. Users can do different positions for each one-minute set, from standing to deep squats to push-ups. (Vibration therapy may be viewed by many as a passive form of exercise, but there is indeed a great deal of muscle engagement!) Genki Vibration Platform 2nd Gen truly understands the requirements of a gym-quality machine.

The weight limit of Powerfit is only 120kg while Genki has 150kg limit. If weight limit is too low,  it could be a serious drawback for heavier consumers who want to explore WBV for weight loss. Assembly can be difficult, according to some people. We give props to this model for its centrally located, easy-to-read display unit.

WBV trainers vary in a number of features, including frequency, amplitude and horse power. Amplitude is the distance the plate travels from the lowest to the highest position, measured in millimeters per vibration. The higher the amplitude, the more intense the workout. Genki Vibration Platform 2nd Gen, has a great amplitude from 0-12mm.
Frequency refers to how fast the plate can vibrate, measured in impulses per second. A higher frequency provides more force to your bones and muscles, resulting in a more intense workout. Genki Vibration Platform 2nd Gen has a speed range from 120 Speed Levels while Powerfit has 99 levels. Regarding to horse power, Powerfit has 200W Max Power and Genki Vibration Machine has 100W Unit Average Power.


As you can see from the above table, the Genki Vibration Platform 2nd Gen come in at around 1/5 the price of the Powerfit! That's a huge difference and given that you could buy 5 for the price of 1, it is definitely something to consider. Most importantly, both Genki and Powerfit have the same 1 year warranty.

CrazySales strongly believe in offering products which offer good value to our customers. We offer not only a good price, but also ensuring that when customers buy a product from us, they are a customer for life.

Selecting Your WBV Trainer Here!

Story of Genki
Focus on Home Gym Equipment

Come and see Australia's most popular Gym Equipment. At Genki, we develop products with the exerciser in mind. We improve so that you can improve. Our home product offering has developed and expanded greatly over the past decade. No matter if you are new to training or starting your own personal training business, you can find the perfect products here. Genki Gym Equipment  includes Abdominal Machines, Exercise Bikes, Strength Training Equipment and the most popular, Vibration Machines and more.
Genki products are the only choice for home exercisers looking for the best brand in fitness. It’s club-quality equipment, that’s built for the home.

Choose Genki, You Will Enjoy:

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