The Aussie Shed – Home for Tools or Man Cave?

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A man's shed is not just a place to store his tools

The Aussie shed aka man cave, is not just a place for tools and garden equipment: it is a sacred space for men.

A man's shed is not just a place to store his tools


The back shed has been an iconic haven for men since my grandad was a boy.  I remember when he’d head off down to the shed for hours. It wasn’t until I grew up and lived with a man that I truly understood the importance of a man’s shed.

It’s been a unspoken rule between husband and wife for years that when a man is in his shed, it’s his private space. A place to ponder over life’s important questions or be inspired to build what was on the latest handyman show.

Not just a place for tools
A shed is not just a place to store camping gear and car parts. It can hold distant memories of times spent on the go-cart project built with a son to the time he hid his daughter’s new bike under a sheet until her birthday.

A man can never have a big enough shed
Whether  his shed ‘s main purpose it to store items or his home gym there never seems to be enough room in a shed.  Blokes with larger sheds often find they have a lot of mates stopping by they are usually the ones with loads of handy man items or tools to borrow. (Or enough room for a good set up to hang out)

Does man behave in the cave?
If you wander down the back shed at night you might find a beer or two being cracked, the footy on TV or a game of darts in action.  Whatever happens in the shed stays in the shed!

Whatever use your shed entails it’s not just about the space, it’s about mans freedom, his cave of uninterrupted moments from the outer world It’s a time of recharge and regrouping and a healthy escape that’s often much needed.