• Cool Stuff For Kids (And Parents!)

    Cool Stuff For Kids (And Parents!)

    CrazySales is bringing you the best items on sale for kids (and for parents) this week! Solar Powered Educational DIY Toy Set Features: The mini 6-in-1 DIY solar energy toy is good for kids to learn how solar power generation works while having fun building things by themselves. These 21 pieces of components can form
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  • To Loom or Not to Loom, That is the Question

    To Loom or Not to Loom, That is the Question

    Loom Bands. Have you caught onto the craze yet? These things are as popular as french knitting was back in the day! There are thousands of videos on youtube and millions of loom sets being sold around the world! Why are kids going crazy over loom bands? Children around the world are loving these stretchy
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  • Vibration Machines Australia for Sale - Crazysales.com.au
  • All Fun and Games

    All Fun and Games

    Some families are having trouble finding ways to spend quality time together these days. With our lives getting busier and faster with so much advanced technology, we forget about the classic sources of entertainment we use to love so much. Well never fear, Crazy Sales is here! We have unearthed something that will rock your
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