• Australia and Spain are out

    Australia and Spain are out

    It is with much sadness in our hearts and bags under our eyes that we say goodbye to Spain and Australia from the FIFA World Cup 2014. We left our nest and tried our best, but it was not to be. Who would have thought we’d go out in such great company? If you are
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  • The Aussie Weekend

    The Aussie Weekend

    It’s Friday at last! Wow, this week has been a bonza! FIFA World Cup going gangbusters, the Kookaburras thrashing the Netherlands 6-1 at the Hockey World Cup, winter really settling in, and as always, CrazySales giving you it’s famously low prices.     So what will you get up to this weekend?   Some will
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  • Are You Obsessed With Soccer?

    Are You Obsessed With Soccer?

    Don’t you just wish you were in Brazil right now? Soaking up that passionate international atmosphere, seeing countries prove themselves on the world stage first hand! Imagine being there when Australia scored that great goal against Chile! At least they got one! For being the shortest team in the world cup Chile really does have
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  • World Cup Brazil 2014

    World Cup Brazil 2014

    The World Cup 2014 has begun! We hope you were up early this morning watching the opening ceremony and the first game between Brazil and Croatia. The passionate atmosphere could be felt through the screen! The next month is going to be filled with top notch football action around the clock! Who do you think
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