• Easter is Coming Soon!

    Easter is Coming Soon!

    In addition to its religious significance, Easter in Australia is enjoyed as a four-day holiday weekend starting on Good Friday and ending on Easter Monday. This extra-long weekend is an opportunity for Australians to take a mini-holiday, or get together with family and friends. Easter often coincides with school holidays, so many people with school
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  • Australia Day Is Coming Soon!

    Australia Day Is Coming Soon!

    Australia day is just around the corner, and whether you’re planning a BBQ, a trip to the beach, or a day of fun and games, we’ve got you covered! Halex Platinum Croquet Set with Carry Bag Step outside with friends or family this Australia Day and enjoy the classic game of Croquet! This Halex Croquet
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  • A Few Holiday Travel Tips

    A Few Holiday Travel Tips

    If you’re planning to take a trip this holiday season, CrazySales has you covered! Essential Gadgets Whether you’re planning a short flight or a long drive, make sure you’ve got all the tech required to keep yourself occupied. Tablets and eReaders are great for passing hours on end watching movies or reading. As well as
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  • A Sure-fire Combo for the Perfect Long Weekend

    A Sure-fire Combo for the Perfect Long Weekend

    Don’t you just love a good combo? At the movies you have a range of different snack combos, when you’re playing tekken with your mates you can smash them with a perfectly timed combo and everyone trusts a combo lock to keep their bike/locker safe. Combinations put variety into life and provide us with complete
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  • Hassle Free Travel Vacation

    Hassle Free Travel Vacation

     Most of us are excited when travelling. Some travel for vacation, leisure, work and many more but how can we avoid stressful travel hassles?First and for most we need to be really prepared especially when we will be travelling to other countries where culture, rules, law and currency is different.Remember to keep all your passports,
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  • Be Creative by Choosing the Right Christmas Tree this Holiday Season

    Be Creative by Choosing the Right Christmas Tree this Holiday Season

    Christmas trees have been one among the Yuletide Season traditions since the 18th century, though the use of a tree for a happy celebration started in 15th century in the present-day Latvia and Estonia. Today, the Christmas tree tradition has spread all over the world. So no matter how many gifts there are in every
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