A Few Holiday Travel Tips

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If you're planning to take a trip this holiday season, CrazySales has you covered!

Essential Gadgets

Whether you're planning a short flight or a long drive, make sure you've got all the tech required to keep yourself occupied. Tablets and eReaders are great for passing hours on end watching movies or reading. As well as the tablet, make sure you've got the appropriate chargers. The last thing you want is a dead battery at 30,000 feet with 5 hours left on your flight! Be sure to check out our awesome selection of quality headphones as well!


Pack your carry-on in layers, and be sure to leave any liquids on top and easily accessible for the screeners who might want to go through your bags in security. This also makes life easier on the other end when you unpack.

Sitting With A Baby

The first row of economy in many international airlines will have only 2 seats instead of 3. If you're carrying a baby on (usually under 2 years old), you'll be better off in this 2-seat row. This way you avoid inconveniencing other travellers (if you care about that sort of thing). The first row is also good because it usually is behind a bulkhead, which means there's no one else in front of you. If you've arranged to carry your child on the flight, call ahead to see if this row or any other special seating arrangement is available for you.

Safe Travels!