Which Do You Prefer to Stay Cool with This Summer: a Fan, an Air Conditioner or an Ice Maker?

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When mornings become brighter and temperatures hit the highest each day, you know it’s time that summer comes. Beat the sizzling heat with quality fans, air conditioners, ice makers and more summer appliances at CrazySales. Leave your comment on the post about which appliance you want the most for a chance to win it! Join our group to take a 10% off coupon for all fans, portable air conditioners and portable ice makers.

Create Air Movement, Fan It Out

Air circulation is important in a cooling environment. Once air keeps moving, all heat radiating off from appliances will be driven away. Especially when you’re cooking, a fan will come in handy to keep air moving and fresh air blowing into the kitchen. A pedestal fan is convenient as it can be moved everywhere you need. Place it where you can get good circulation, but make sure it doesn’t blow on your head, which could make sleeping more difficult. The ceiling fan is another popular choice as it will not only create air movement, but also accelerate the rising of warmer air upward, making it cooler than a standing fan, while a wall fan will be a fashionable choice as well as saving space. 

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Product Description Link
Heller 50cm High Velocity Pedestal Fan with Remote Control maxkon This Heller 50cm Pedestal Fan with its high-velocity banana blades will look fantastic anywhere, combining great durability and functionality in one package. It will provide a wonderful breeze, immediately cooling and improving the air circulation in rooms. BUY NOW
Silver 52'' Ceiling Fan with Ligh maxkon This Silver 52'' Ceiling Fan with Light is multifunctional that it brightens any a dark room while cooling it down, away from people and pets in a room. An elegant accessory to living rooms, bedrooms or dining rooms; this fan features 4 plywood blades and is equipped with three speeds and a radio frequency remote control. Perfect for all seasons as it has a switch to toggle the direction it spins, either to cool a room or to circulate warm air during chilly days. BUY NOW
Digilex 750mm Industrial Wall Fan maxkon Built for large commercial areas, this fan features a large tilt adjustable oscillating head with high-velocity blades. Not only is this oscillating wall fan big, it also boasts a long-life motor and durable metal materials to withstand heavy usage. Equipped with 3-speed settings you can choose how strong the wind is with a click of a button. Keep the air circulated and cool even in large areas this summer with an easy to use heavy duty wall fan. BUY NOW

Air Conditioner – Drive Away Hot & Humid Air

An AC is no doubt that most beloved summer appliance. It can produce a favourable condition quickly where people will feel highly comfortable, work with vigour and sleep better. Compared with a traditional wall conditioner that cools your entire house, a portable air conditioner is more environmentally friendly and less expensive. Instead of installing it in a window, you just plug it in and move it around. Portable air conditioners come in a variety of sizes, so you can get one that is perfect for your bedroom and your needs.

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Product Description Link
Heller HECS11 Evaporative Air Cooler maxkon Stay cool with this Heller HECS11 Evaporative Air Cooler Fan with Remote Control which includes casters, an adjustable timer and oscillating louvres allowing you to cool the area you want. With 3 wind speeds and modes, it is great for adjusting to a variety of temperature conditions. On days of high humidity, it’s better to switch the cooling feature OFF and operate the unit as a fan only. BUY NOW

Ice Machines for Hosting the Perfect Summer Party!

A portable ice machine is important for every home in summer either for holding an outdoor party, using on camping or an RV. No one would say no to ice cold drinks on a hot summer day. Make sure you, your family and your guests have frozen drinks all day long with an affordable quality ice maker from CrazySales.

Check out the best-selling portable ice makers here.

Product Description Link
2.4L Portable Ice Maker with LED Control Panel maxkon This energy saving 2.4L Portable Ice Maker with LED Control Panel will automatically make ice for you of up to 12KG Per Day. It comes with an ice scoop and 2.4L large water tank. With modern design LED control panel and durable stainless-steel body, you can choose Small or Large sizes of crystal-clear ice bullets. The transparent window lid is easy for you to monitor ice making process. BUY NOW
Silver 3.2L Home Ice Maker maxkon Get ready for hot weather with this fancy Silver 3.2L Home Ice Maker that can make three different ice cube sizes. Cube ice has a crystal look and a hollow cylinder shape that melts slower and lasts longer, perfect for adding to the beverage. Their weights are varied from 10-12g depending on your chosen ice cube size. This ice maker can make up to 67 cubes in an hour and 16.2kg ice in total per day. BUY NOW

Among all summer appliances mentioned above, which one is your must-have to prep your home? Leave your comment below for a chance to win one! Or join our group for a 10% off coupon to buy them.