Space Probe Lands On A Comet. Simply Amazing.

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In case you missed it, check out my previous blog post about the Rosetta Project, an initiative by the European Space Agency that planned to launch a probe and land it on a comet. What? A comet! And yesterday that actually happened. After a 10 year journey through space, the Rosetta craft which has been orbiting the comet launched its landing probe, Philae, and 7 hours later it touched down on the surface of the comet. A comet!

Here are a few amazing facts:

  • It took over 10 years of travel to reach the comet! A video below shows the trajectory of this journey.
  • The comet is currently more than 500 million kilometres away from earth. So far in fact, that it takes 28 minutes for a signal, traveling at the speed of light, to reach earth.
  • The comet is moving more than 41,000 miles per hour!

Over the next few years the probe will take samples of the surface and environment of the comet awith the hopes of learning more about how our universe came into being.

Here's how the spacecraft caught up with the comet