• Are You Obsessed With Soccer?

    Are You Obsessed With Soccer?

    Don’t you just wish you were in Brazil right now? Soaking up that passionate international atmosphere, seeing countries prove themselves on the world stage first hand! Imagine being there when Australia scored that great goal against Chile! At least they got one! For being the shortest team in the world cup Chile really does have
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  • Get a Jump Start on Your Workout This Winter

    Get a Jump Start on Your Workout This Winter

    Health and exercise are of course, essential to living a long and worry free life, but it seems like people are always making excuses why they didn’t go for a run yesterday, why they didn’t go to a pump class last week…So why does this happen? Because for most people exercise is kind of hard!
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  • Five Ways to Keep Toasty in Your Sleeping Bag

    Five Ways to Keep Toasty in Your Sleeping Bag

    Camping in Winter means you get to experience all the beautiful landscapes Australia has to offer, without the Summer holiday traffic, crowds and inflated campsite fees! If you’re a fan of skiing, snowboarding, tobogganing and generally frolicking like a snow bunny, then Winter is an even bigger treat. Make sure to be well prepared for
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  • Set the Juice Loose

    Set the Juice Loose

    Feeling run down lately? Always suffer an energy letdown come  lunch time? Want to find a way to put some pep in your pep first thing in the morning without a crippling caffeine addiction? Well get yourself juiced up for a boost!It’s time to shelve the sugar-filled fruit juices you’re buying at the grocery &
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  • Have a Ball in the Fall

    Have a Ball in the Fall

    Here’s a treasure to behold: the early evening hours of a brisk autumn’s eve. Summer has gone and autumn has come, but the joys of the evening have never been more ripe for pleasure. And in that spirit, grab some mates & hit the yard for a an early evening game of croquet! A croquet
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  • Step It Up!

    Step It Up!

    Autumn’s done come & summer has passed us by…but that doesn’t mean your exercise routine has to settle into hibernation. It’s important to maintain a healthy exercise & fitness regimen year round and an aerobic step workout is a fantastic way to stay fit. Exercise at home, without the hassle of a gym membership or
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  • Look good, feel good!

    Look good, feel good!

     Looking good and feeling good is one of the reason why you woke up in the morning with out most happiness and positive vibes all through out the day. If you feel good then you will look good, if you look good then you will feel good. So how can we achieve that mantra in life? Simple,
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  • Summer Activities that will Help You Stay Fit

    Summer Activities that will Help You Stay Fit

    Summer is the time of the year when you  see beautiful bodies and washboard abs flaunted everywhere. Don’t you wish you are among them? Achieving a sizzling summer body requires a little effort and determination to guarantee a successful weight loss goal. Don’t  lie around and be a couch potato. Summer season is the perfect
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  • Beat the Winter Weather: Run at Home on a Treadmill!

    Beat the Winter Weather: Run at Home on a Treadmill!

    You know what it’s like. You need exercise. You want to go for that run or walk, but it’s dark, or it’s cold and raining outside. There’s something on TV you’d like to watch, and you don’t want to leave the kids home alone. The answer to all of these problems is simple: buy a
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