• Australia Day Is Coming Soon!

    Australia Day Is Coming Soon!

    Australia day is just around the corner, and whether you’re planning a BBQ, a trip to the beach, or a day of fun and games, we’ve got you covered! Halex Platinum Croquet Set with Carry Bag Step outside with friends or family this Australia Day and enjoy the classic game of Croquet! This Halex Croquet
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  • Top 5 Australian Open Moments From 2014

    Top 5 Australian Open Moments From 2014

    The Australian Open is ready to begin next week, and to get ready for the action, here’s a look back at the top 5 most interesting and exciting moments from 2014! 5. Serena Stunned This woman has dominated women’s tennis like no other in recent years, but her erratic form is often her Achilles’ heel.
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  • Vibration Machines Australia for Sale - Crazysales.com.au
  • Cool Offers On Hot Items!

    Cool Offers On Hot Items!

    Summer is here and staying cool in the heat is a must. These cool offers will help you find that perfect temp as you relax and soak in the sun this summer! 7.5L Cold Drink Despenser With this great 2 Gallon Cold Beverage Dispenser, you can provide plenty cool of drinks for everyone. It comes
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  • Top 5 Outdoor & Beach Accessories For Summer

    Top 5 Outdoor & Beach Accessories For Summer

    Summer is here and it’s time to head out for some fun in the sun! If you’re heading to the beach, or just heading out to the pool, CrazySales has you covered for all those little accessories that you may need for your outdoor fun. Maybe you need some new large beach towels, chairs, or
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  • Guide to Above Ground Pools

    Guide to Above Ground Pools

    If you’re looking for some fun in the sun this summer, look no further than our wide selection of above ground swimming pools and inflatable pools! CrazySales offers the best prices on only the best quality outdoor pools on the market. If you’re looking for a cool and fun way to spend the hot summer
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  • Top Ten Pool Items For Summer

    Top Ten Pool Items For Summer

    What could be better than having access to your own private swimming pool during the height of the summer heat? The Crazy Sales range of above ground pools caters for everyone. If you have a big backyard, a small backyard, a deck, small children, a house full of adults, or live alone we have the
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  • Awesome Gadgets For Your Home

    Awesome Gadgets For Your Home

    1. Vegetable Curling Kitchen Tool This unique vegetable spiral twister-cutter turns ordinary vegetables into unique endless spirals. It is easy to use, just slide your vegetable in the twister body, screw on the slicer and turn for astonishing garnishes. Suitable for cutting Potato, Carrot, Cucumber, Zucchini, Radish, etc. Put a new twist on ordinary vegetables!
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  • 7 Reasons Guys Should Learn To Cook

    7 Reasons Guys Should Learn To Cook

    1. Ladies love it There isn’t a woman alive immune to a man who can make her a delicious meal, at least that’s what I read somewhere… 2. Life skills are manly Sure, you can fix your car, hunt wild game and build a camp fire. So shouldn’t you know how to feed yourself without
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  • Another Major Down: US Open

    Another Major Down: US Open

    The US Open has finished, wrapping up two weeks of exciting tennis in New York, and the action is all set to return to Melbourne in January. After defeating Roger Federer in straight sets, Marin Cilic went on to crush Japan’s Nishikori. Cilic became one of only 3 players other than Federer, Nadal, Djokovic and
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  • Superfoods!


    Why is it that the food I crave is often not healthy? Why can’t I crave veggies and fruit? The answer of course, is that I’ve conditioned my brain over time to crave the things that I eat most often. Think about this…we don’t come into the world with a craving for french fries and
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  • US Open Tennis Championship

    US Open Tennis Championship

    It’s time for tennis again! This week begins the 2014 US Open tournament, the last major before the excitement returns to Melbourne in January. If you’re a tennis fan, the next few weeks will be a lot of fun! Between Women’s, Men’s, Double’s and Junior’s there are a total of 24 Australians playing in the
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  • Upgrade Your Man Cave for Father’s Day

    Upgrade Your Man Cave for Father’s Day

    Father’s day is right around the corner and CrazySales has you covered! Maybe you’re looking for something special for that special dad in your life, or maybe you ARE dad and you’re looking for a little something special for yourself. Here’s a few of the top reviewed Man Cave items on CrazySales right now! Trim
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  • Getting Ready For The Outdoors

    Getting Ready For The Outdoors

    Rest on the beach or go camping in comfort with this highly portable 4 Person 2 Room Dome Tent. At 4.6 meters by 2.3 meters size and a height of 2.1m, it’s fit to hold 4 people comfortably with its two room design and two doors. The water-resistant material makes it ideal for camping, the
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  • Ideas For Keeping Fit At Home

    Ideas For Keeping Fit At Home

    Gravity Inversion Table This is a great away to successfully resolve your neck and back pain. Great for lower back exercises these fitness tables help strengthen the muscles of the lower back and increase circulation. Featuring a solid steel frame, a PVC back support mat and padded ankle straps; this folding inverter table adjusts to
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  • The World Cup Is Over, And It’s Monday Again…

    The World Cup Is Over, And It’s Monday Again…

    Germany wins! Ok good, can we move on already? But wait…move on to what? The football excitement over the last month has been a thrilling escape from the mundane and given us something to look forward to, even with Australia out early. But now that the matches have all come and gone, it’s back to
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  • Hometown Humiliation in Brazil

    Hometown Humiliation in Brazil

    This look of disappointment pretty much sums up the feeling throughout Brazil today, as Germany used the hometown favourites like a speed punching ball, issuing a severe and thorough beating in the first semi-final of the 2014 Fifa World Cup. It was a match that quickly turned into a football clinic in which striker Miroslav
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