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Best New Apps - August 2014

superfoodWhy is it that the food I crave is often not healthy? Why can't I crave veggies and fruit? The answer of course, is that I've conditioned my brain over time to crave the things that I eat most often. Think about this…we don't come into the world with a craving for french fries and a hate for broccoli. I'm often amazed at how my infant son can gobble up the blandest and most unexciting food as if they were the most tasteful food in the world. Our cravings are developed out of eating, repeatedly, the foods that are most available to us. Unfortunately the most popular foods are not always the healthiest.

The important thing to remember here is that cravings are in our BRAINS, not in our bellies. A new study has shown that it is possible to recondition the brain to actually crave the foods that are best for us. How? Get ready for this…by continuously eating healthy foods! Scientists studied two groups of people who were assigned specific diets over the course of several months. Before and after the test period, the participants were given fMRI exams to see how their brains reacted to pictures of specific foods. After the test period, the experimental group’s fMRI's showed that their brains were stimulated more, indicating a craving, for healthy food.

Try these superfoods to recondition your brain!

salmon almonds broccoli