Set the Juice Loose

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Feeling run down lately? Always suffer an energy letdown come  lunch time? Want to find a way to put some pep in your pep first thing in the morning without a crippling caffeine addiction? Well get yourself juiced up for a boost!

It’s time to shelve the sugar-filled fruit juices you’re buying at the grocery & give yourself the real thing! With a juicer like this, you get the benefits of fresh-squeezed juice plus all the nutrients, enzymes, vitamins & minerals offered by fresh fruits and vegetables. By slowly compressing  juice from fruits and vegetables – as opposed to chopping and pureeing – you get more than 85% of straight juice! Perfect for families and individuals, a juicer is a perfect way to make sure you’re getting your daily intake of vitamins while saving money too. And with a separate container for the pulp, you’ll have an added ingredient the next time you tie up the apron. Use that extra fruit pulp for pies, shakes, smoothies, muffins & more. And try out that leftover vegetable pulp for your soups, stews, casseroles & more!

Get creative with kids! Try a carrot, apple and ginger juice for your morning send-off! Or check out a pear, apple and cherry concoction for a total fruit boost of vitamin C! For total health, diets, fitness, energy boosters, immunity boosters and more, there’s no way to go wrong with a home fruit juicer in your kitchen.

The kids will love creating their own crazy concoctions (just don’t tell them what they’re drinking is good for them!) and the whole family will get the benefits of fresh fruit and vegetable juice. Increase your health and see the limitless possibilities of this one-of-a-kind kitchen appliance! So save your money and set the juice loose!