Get a Jump Start on Your Workout This Winter

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Health and exercise are of course, essential to living a long and worry free life, but it seems like people are always making excuses why they didn't go for a run yesterday, why they didn't go to a pump class last week…So why does this happen? Because for most people exercise is kind of hard! You need motivation, discipline, perseverance and most of all you need to know how to do it.

There are a million different ways to exercise that have been promoted all over the world by martial arts, dance, religious groups, governments, ethnic groups and more recently, gyms. All have their advantages and purposes for the human body.

workout trampoline

For now, let's concentrate on the fun ways to exercise, because, come on if you can mix a bit of fun into your workout, you're going to do it more often! "Rebounding", or jumping on a mini tramp, is a fabulous way to get your heart rate going gangbusters and to tone up! The low impact nature of jumping on the trampoline protects your ankles and knees from sudden force in the wrong direction.

You can also add your own style by wearing weights on your feet and wrists, or use a skipping rope to test your coordination. Raising your heart rate whilst reducing your blood pressure this fun workout is safe, rhythmic and great for your core. Suitable for all ages and a lot of fun, what are you waiting for? Jump on that tramp!

What's your favourite way to jump?