Rechargeable Remote Control Helicopters Fly off the Shelves!

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Buy an RC Helicopter

Is anything more fun that a flying toy? Until recently, a radio-controlled or remote-controlled helicopter was just too expensive, dangerous and complicated a toy for anyone but the most dedicated adult hobbyist. But now you can buy an RC chopper for a few dollars, and it’s so light and easy to fly that you don’t even have to go outside.

Toy helicopters were always difficult to control because of the torque from the spinning rotor, which you had to negate by controlling the amount of power to the tail rotor. Not an easy balancing act! These little flying toys use a pair of coaxial rotors that spin in opposite directions at the same speed, so your tiny helicopter stabilises itself. It’s so easy to control that you can learn as to go.

Instead of being powered by heavy, noisy petrol engines, these tiny gyro-stabilised RC helicopters use incredibly efficient brushless electric motors. Best of all, they’re rechargeable with a standard USB port, so you don’t even have to worry about buying extra batteries. You just plug it into a USB charger or powered USB hub, or a nearby PC or games console using the included USB cable, and it powers up.

Our USB rechargeable remote-control helicopters make great gifts for anyone over fourteen years old, whether they’re a boy or a girl. Not only are our rechargeable remote-controlled helicopters easy to control, they’re so small and light that they’re safe to fly indoors. Buy two in different colours and you can race friends or family members around the living room! We’ve got a wide range of colours and styles, including an Apache gunship. Why not buy one of our cheap remote-controlled mini helicopters for each member of the family and have some indoor aviation fun?