KN95 Respirator Masks-Protection Equipment Against Coronavirus

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This article is intended to help you know more about protective facemasks against viruses. It will focus on KN95 respirators and expand with more details, so to let you know that there is one more reliable option for better self-protection during the epidemic of coronavirus.

What Are KN95 Respirators?

A KN95 mask is a respiratory protective device with an optimal facial fit and efficient filtration of airborne particles such as bacteria and germs. KN95 is a Chinese standard for high-efficiency air-filtering face masks.

The character “N” indicates that it can be used to filter non-oil suspended particles; “95” means that the filtration efficiency is greater than or equal to 95% when 0.3μm particles are used for testing. As well as 95, there are also 90, 99, and 100, the larger the number the higher the level of protection.

Why Choose KN95 Masks?

1. It is the best bet for our safety

Social contact is a thing that we cannot avoid for 100%. We have to work, shop for food or go for a relaxing walk. When we go outside, it creates chances for us to meet strangers. People who we don’t know or even who we are familiar with could carry infectious viruses or diseases. The uncertainty has exposed us to the threat of coronavirus or other infectious diseases.

In this regard, we should take on the best protective methods for ourselves, and KN95 masks can be the top choice among different types of masks.

2. It comes with the highest protection ability against germs

Down below is a chart in which four types of masks are compared with each other. They are chosen because they are relatively easy to access in the market.

Masks Types Filtration Efficiency Filtration Efficiency Applications
Non-medical Face Masks Not set Not set Prevent larger particles like dust and droplets from getting to mouth and nose
Surgical Face Masks ≥30% Loose-fitting, waterproof Prevent larger particles like dust and droplets from getting to mouth and nose
KN95 Face Masks ≥95% Close-fitting Prevent respiratory illnesses such as coronavirus
N95 Face Masks ≥95% Close-fitting Prevent respiratory illnesses such as coronavirus

These masks can be ranked by their filtration ability as the following:

N95 = KN95 > Surgical Face Masks > Non-medical Face Masks

If worn correctly, N95 will have better filtering ability than ordinary masks and medical masks. However, even if perfectly worn, it does not eliminate 100% of the risk of infection or death.

KN95 is one of the levels specified in Chinese standard GB2626-2006. N95 is one of the grades specified in 42 CFR 84. The technical requirements and test methods of these two are basically the same. Under the corresponding standard, the filtration efficiency of both reaches 95%.

Therefore, KN95 masks, as well as N95 masks should be your top choices.

How Long Do KN95 Masks Last? 

How long can it be used is not settled with scientific researches by now.

But Facing the increasing pressure on medical equipment supply, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has recommended guidelines for extended use and limited reuse of N95 masks. Though the recommendation is aimed for healthcare workers and only involves N95 masks, to some extent, it offers evidence that we can reuse our masks when in need.

We ought to change the mask in time when:

  • The respiratory impedance increases significantly
  • The mask is damaged
  • The mask and face cannot fit close
  • Contaminated by blood stains or droplets
  • Used in virus-intensive places such as hospitals

Should We Wear A Mask?

Yes, and no.

If you are healthy and remain social distance, it is ok without a mask. But provided that you are going to work outside the home or need to go into the crowds, ask yourself whether there are risks of encountering infected strangers. Supposing the answer is yes, then you should wear a mask.

Where to Buy KN95

A KN95 mask has the same performance as the N95 mask, is an optional choice for the public. But it’s in short supply on the global market. CrazySales has managed to offer high-level protective equipment for the health of customers. The selling masks have reliable quality in protecting against the virus, perfect for all adults in health conditions or those who work in hospitals, clinics or stores and other outdoor environments.

All KN95 masks from CrazySales guarantee a high filtration efficiency of no less than 95%, featuring 2-layer PP non-woven fabric, one activated carbon filter layer, 1-layer warm plate collodion and 1-layer cold plate collodion. They can effectively filter 0.3μm particles and block airborne solid particles.

A wide range of packages and other types of masks are also available on our website CrazySales.