Spring Cleaning: 5 Things You Should Toss

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90's Suit1. Clothes From The 90's (that haven't been out of your closet since the 90's)

Styles come and go and often come back again, so it's not a surprise that items you wore in the 90's might be back in style again. But if you dig deep enough in your wardrobe you'll probably find that dress or suit that you wore once to a wedding in 1999 that should never see the light of day again. Forget nostalgia…it's time to be ruthless. Clean out those closets at least twice a year and if there are items you haven't worn in the last 12-18 months, TOSS 'EM.

2. Stack & Piles of Paper & Cards

Of course it's important to keep a file for important documents and records, but do you really need the invOice for your dog food from 3 months ago? If you know you’re never going to need to read something again, toss it! This goes for sentimental items that you're actually not sentImental about at all. A Christmas card your aunt sent you in 1994…toss. She won't be offended, honestly. If you need to, snap a photo of it so you can revisit the memory, but you don't need it cluttering up space.

toss3. Old Computers & Mobile Phones

Remember when a computer required the entire space of a desktop and holding a mobile phone was like holding a brick to your ear? If you're still hanging on to this old and useless tech, it's time to say goodbye. Be sure to remove any personal information first. And by the way…you can't just toss this stuff in the bin! Tech gadgets contain toxic chemicals. Find a recycler or contact a service (there are plenty out there) to pick up your junk for free.

4. Old Baby Clothes & Items

Having a new baby myself, I can understand the desire to hang on to every item because they each seem to hold a memory. But if your kid is already in high school, you're probably strong enough to consolIdate those items a bit. Allow yourself a bag of baby stuff, and donate the rest.

simmons5. The Dusty Shelves of Books You Will Never Read Again

I'm all for collecting great books, but if you've still got a copy of Richard Simmons' Cookin' On Broadway from 2000 and you haven't opened it since 2000, safe bet you won't miss it when it's gone. And tossing one book opens up space for something more new and interesting.

No loss?