Tips for buying a Father’s Day Gift your dad will love!

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What to buy your dad this Father’s Day?

There are heaps of fantastic Father’s Day gift ideas and it’s easy to get lost when deciding. With a little planning you can give a gift that shows you care.

Here are a few simple tips to help you choose the best option for your Father’s Day Gift. After all, not all dads are the same!

Present for dad

5 Tips for choosing the perfect Father’s Day Gift

1. Take the time to think about a suitable gift

Stop for a moment to think of a fantastic gift that you’re dad will love rather than something that is convenient and rushed at the last minute. If he is sentimental add a personal touch to your gift. Team it with a gesture such framing photos that you take on Father’s Day with his new camera.

2. Think of the activities your dad enjoys and buy a gift that encourages it.

If your father thinks he is the next Masterchef he’d appreciate a set of stainless steel pots or a cooking class might be his ultimate gift. Perhaps he wants to start exercising again and a fitness bike would encourage him to get moving.

3. Buy a gift that you can share with your dad to spend time together and create new memories.

A gift that enables you to spend quality time with one another is not only fun but allows you to create new memories with your father on his special day. Testing out his new fishing rod down the beach or looking at the stars through his new telescope allows you to do something together and dad scores an exciting gift.

4) A day to enjoy the finer things in life

Men are very practical and it’s unusual for a father to think of spoiling himself with a massage, men’s fragrance or a coffee machine. A little luxury makes anyone feel special!

5) He knows what he likes

If your father likes certain things and he will never go for something new. He likes to collect things and can never have too many of the same thing. A tie in a different colour or another bar accessories for the pool room may be just what he’s after.

For the man who has everything or is particular a Gift Voucher is a practical choice of gift. Just ensure that whatever you purchase is, it can be refunded or exchanged.