If You’re Thinking About a Laptop, Think ThinkPad

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Lenovo ThinkPad

Technology moves so fast that it’s hard to choose a laptop computer, because you know something more fashionable and powerful is just around the corner. But there’s one laptop that is so successful in its design that it can afford to evolve slowly: the ThinkPad.

First designed and manufactured by IBM, and now by Lenovo, the Lenovo ThinkPad is a classic design that is so functional and durable that, like the Porsche 911, it’s only changed slightly over the decades. The very ergonomic Lenovo ThinkPad keyboard is even designed to safely drain spilled water. A ThinkPad’s chassis is designed to be rigid and rugged, with internal metal bracing and durable, well-ventilated components. If you’re not after a gaming laptop, the Lenovo ThinkPad’s businesslike (and business-preferred) design is tried-and-true, no-compromise perfection that’s tough enough for nearly any job.

Lenovo ThinkPad Edge series

The Lenovo ThinkPad Edge series

If you’re after something a little less bulky (and even more affordable!), Lenovo has introduced the ThinkPad Edge series, which rounds the corners of the ThinkPad to something more fashionable and reduces the weight. Although we think the traditional Lenovo ThinkPad has a timelessly functional and classy design that will add to your professional credibility, it’s hard to argue that the ThinkPad Edge series doesn’t look strikingly more modern. With its chiclet keyboard, large corner radius design and optional colour lids with embedded webcams, a ThinkPad Edge series will garner you compliments from even a technophobe.

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