5 Second Fix Reviews – How does it work?

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About 5 Second Fix: It’s not a glue


Despite being in a tube, it’s not actually a glue, but more of a liquid plastic welding compound that hardens when exposed to the UV light. It is very easy to use – all you need to do is apply the solution on the surface and weld it with the UV light of the device and in 5 seconds the thing will be fixed.


5 Second Fix flawlessly bonds everything from plastic to metal, to split wood and broken glass! Unlike glue and common adhesives, 5 Second Fix lets you position and reposition until you want to make the weld permanent. There’s no sticky mess and you can even sand or paint just like New!


Let’s See Its Key Features


Not a Glue! Super Powered Liquid Plastic Welding Compound

Fast & Strong! Create an Everlasting Bond in Just 5 Seconds

Only Cures with UV Light So You Can Position and Reposition Your Repair

Dries Clear So You Can Fix Anything

Permanently Repair Plastic, Metal, Wood, Glass and More


Caution: Keep out of reach of children


Does 5 Second Fix Actually “Weld” Anything?


In short, no.


Instead, the plastic resin contained in 5 Second Fix remains a liquid until exposed to UV light, at which point it quickly hardens, turns into a solid, and forms a strong bond between 2 materials. On top of this, plastic resins can be used to form simple 3D objects (such as a key hook), which is something that traditional bonding agents can’t accomplish.


As such, it might be better to think of 5 Second Fix as a bonding agent, but without the possible mess and with some added capabilities.


Other Liquid Plastic Resin Options


We have another option at CrazySales called 3 Second Fix.

Its laser bond liquid plastic resin solidifies in just 3 seconds with UV light. Much quicker than other kinds of bond. Unlike sticky glues, lazer bond never hardens in the container. The adhesive won't harden until you're ready to activate using the UV light.



Online Customer Reviews for 5 Second Fix


“I have one. They are AWESOME!”

“Too bad it doesn't work on politicians, lol”


“Hubby Loves It!”


The 5 Second Fix or 3 Second Fix is a unique and remarkable product designed to fix or seal anything in just five seconds! All you need to do is apply the solution on the surface and weld it by shining the UV light on it for a few seconds, and the thing will be fixed!