Cast-Iron Cookware Is So Hot Right Now

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Cast-iron cookware

Cast-iron cookware is a sturdy, time-honoured way to prepare food. But what’s so special about it?

Cast iron reaches very high temperatures without sticking as easily as other metals, making it superb for frying and searing. If you like your steaks juicy and tasty, cast-iron skillets and grill pans are the only way to go!

Cast-iron cookware also has excellent heat retention. It stays fiery hot for longer than any other metal used in cookware. If you’ve ever ordered a delicious Asian barbecue on a sizzling hot plate, then you know just how well cast-iron cooks even when off the stove. A cast-iron stir-fry pan is a must for anyone wanting to get an authentic Asian flavour.

Although cast-iron cookware is renowned for its ability to cook super-hot, it’s other great strength is its diffused heart. This makes cast-iron pots absolutely brilliant for making stews and braising. Just set the heat on gentle and it’ll spread beautifully throughout the pot, and you won’t have to worry about hot-spots burning the bottom of your dish.

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