Cat Toy Review 2017: 10 Cat Toys Australia that Your Cats Are Crazy About

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If you’re a cat owner, you must notice how important play is for a cat, especially when you fail to spare time for them. That’s why we need cat toys to accompany them to kill time at home. Choosing an entertaining kitten toy isn’t easy, but the following cat toys we share must raise your interest. Don’t waste money on toys that will create clutter. The 10 fun and economical cat toys Australia in this cat toy review can keep your cat occupied for hours.

Kittywalk Indoor Hanging Cat Climber                       kittywalk cat climber

Kittywalk Cat climber would be a perfect piece of cat furniture for indoor playing. It can satisfy your cat’s curiosity of climbing high. When you have multiple cats, they can have fun with each other by climbing up and down. Perfect for limited space, the 5-feet high cat climber is easy to install and fold up. When your cats don’t need it, you can fold it up to a compact pile smaller than a briefcase.



Outdoor Cat Tunnel Cat Play Centre                  outdoor cat tunnel

Most cats and kittens are found having fun in a clutter of cardboard boxes, while some even like hide inside. Its four-tunnel design keeps multiple pets entertained and out of trouble. Moreover, it also features flexible assembling so that you can adjust to the access design and tunnel length, according to the pet types and pet sizes.




Cat Self-Groomer       cat self groomer

One of what cats usually like to do must be licking and grooming their hair. And this self-groomer was invented to add more fun and save more effort on hair grooming. The self-groomer combines with an arch-shaped brush and a fur-coated sturdy base. The smooth brush can do a good help on removing excess hair and shedding hair while a cat is playing with it. Moreover, there’s a bonus bag of catnip along with the groomer, which can help to attract your cat to come back.

“Catch the Mouse” Cat Training Scratchpad    "Catch The Mouse" Interactive Cat Scratch Pad

This cat training device must be a perfect item to train mouse catching ability — although you may never expect the ability since owning a cat. Mostly it’s a funny cat toy to protect your furniture from cat’s scratch and make cats occupied. On the top, there’s a scratching mat for your cats to maintain their nails. There’s no battery required because the “mouse” inside will move with the cat’s natural motion.



UV Pet Water Feeder Drinking Fountain      Pet Water Fountain

Even drinking water can be fun if a pet gets this water fountain — how dull our human being world is? Once operated, the water fountain can create a water stream that can raise your cat’s interest. With UV and LED lights on, the stream looks prettier and funnier. Inside the water feeder, there’s a series of filters to safeguard the purity and hygiene of the fountain water. If you cat enjoys running water, don’t hesitate to buy one for her!



2.1m Multi-Level Cat Tree – Brown    2.1m cat tree

A two-for-one cat toy to save your budget! Besides the excitement of climbing high, this high cat tree would be a perfect game centre for cats, whether they prefer hide-and-seek or chasing game. Featured with flat platforms, a cradle, a restroom and a toy mouse, the cat tower may bring too much happiness to your feline. If cats really forget you because of this toy, it’s not our fault.


Window Mounted Cat Bed Cat Hammock                      window-mounted cat hammock

What can be funnier than lying on a comfy bed meanwhile enjoying a wonderful window view? Your cat can have this wonderful experience with this creative Window-mounted cat hammock. By installing on a glass window, you don’t have to arrange extra space for it. Hanging in front of a window, this soft cat seat allows your cat to take a nap in a sunshine bath. With four strong suction pads to hang the hammock well, this two-in-one cat toy for fun and sleep is safe enough for your pets to lie on.

Cat / Kitten Dual – Layer Scratching Post   dual layer cat scratching post

The first thing you need to do after getting a cat home must be protecting your furniture from the feline’s claws. A double-layer cat scratching post can prevent much scratching damage at your home, meanwhile, maintain cats’ nails for good health. Made of recycled corrugated cardboard, this cat scratching board consists of no material harmful to your pet’s health. What’s more, the dual-layer design makes a more scratching surface for your cat. Many customers reviewed that sometimes cats even enjoy taking a nap on it, saving the budget of a pet bed.

Outdoor Cat Tent          outdoor cat tent

This foldable outdoor cat tent allows your cats to have fun outdoors or serves as a simple cat house at home after adding some cushions. Zipper access design is convenient for cats to get in and out. With only some simple steps you can fold it into a compact bag with a handle, which makes you carry it around with your cat anytime.



Cat Tunnel with Toy Ball    cat tunnel with toy ball

This small cat tunnel would be a perfect toy for families that have only one cat at home. With 18.9-inch length, a kitten or cat can have fun by getting in and out the tunnel. At the entrance, there’s a hanging toy ball for cats to grab.





The cat toys above are sure to excite your cats as a can of wet cat food can do. Pick one back home to fulfil your feline’s spare time whether staying at home or outdoors.