Christmas adventure: Christmas Treasure Hunt

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Thinking of making  your Christmas party more exciting for this year? How about a treasure hunt for your children? For sure kids will love and enjoy this! Kids love adventure, surprises and gifts and they will surely make sure to attend this Christmas party. Simple treats like small toys, chocolates and candies will make their day and this can be the treasure that they will find out.

You need to prepare a treasure box for the kids and fill them up with candies, chocolates and toys treasure. You also need to prepare a treasure map, make it look like an exciting hunting and colourful. You may give it in each children or you may group them into two and let them have a friendly competition. Hide it in the best place that you can, where in there will be a bit challenge for them to find.

You can add a twist on it by giving a clue to them for every check point and the check point marker will be the candy cane light. This will give then a thrill of excitement as they go on and come closer to the finish line.

You will see the smile and fulfilment on their faces once they have finished the race. For the items that will complete your treasure by checking Crazy Sales for enjoyable toys and other fabulous prizes.