Comfort is in the (Bean)Bag

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a Little Fresh Air Never Felt So Comfy

Ain’t nothing better than a lazy Saturday – and nothing says ” l-e-i-s-u-r-e” like a Bean Bag chair! Stylish and comfortable, with a whole host of wild colours, covers, patterns and fabrics – from zebra print to micro-suede, from babies to grown ups – a bean bag is the ideal accessory for your home. 

It wasn’t that long ago (call us nostalgic, call us sentimental) that there seemed to be a bean bag chair in every home and every rec room. They were unique and funky and stylish and fun and comfortable in ways a couch and a chair never could be. So why not get back into getting back into bean bag chairs?

They fit seamlessly into any lounge, playroom, living room and television room! When the oldest goes of to university, a bean bag chair is a great way to save money and guarantee homemade style for the dormitory room.  They make great gift and housewarming ideas for that friend with the new apartment or for a bachelor pad in need of pizzazz.

Check out the full line of options and find just the right bean bag for you – a two-seater, a micro-suede, a large bag, a small bag, a bean bag for a baby, a bean bag for a kid – you name it, you’ll find it. So recall the salad days of supreme style and leisurely home comfort this weekend as you spend some time binge-watching your favorite television shows or cuddled up for a classic. Kick out the chair, and save the couch for company. Bean Bags are back!