Everyday Kitchen & Cooking Tips

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  1. floating-egg-experimentWant to know if your egg has spoiled or not? Place it in a bowl of water…if it sinks you are good to go. If it floats, it’s spoiled.
  2. When you’re finished cutting and chopping and ready to clean the cutting board, use the back side of the knife to avoid dulling the blade.

  3. If you’ve got extra pesto, broth, applesauce or pizza sauce, freeze small portions in an ice cube tray, then store them in ziplock bags for later.

  4. An easy way to identify organic produce is by checking the PLU code. Where conventional produce codes are 4 digits, organic codes are 5 digits and usually start with the number 9.

  5. Give your garlic a good smashing with the flat part of the knife, or even the knife handle before mincing and slicing.

  6. juicerBefore juicing lemons, limes or oranges, roll them between the heel of your hand and the counter to make them easier to juice.

  7. Kick up your grilled cheese sandwich game by grating a bit of fresh parmesan cheese on the outside of the bread. When you flip it over to cook, the cheese will cook into the bread. Mouth. Watering.

  8. If your recipe calls for measuring both honey and butter/oil, measure out the butter/oil first. When you measure the honey it will easily slide out of the measuring cup!

  9. If you or your little one prefers sandwiches without the crust, save them in the freezer and use later to make homemade stuffing, breadcrumbs, or croutons for your salad.

  10. Remove the seeds from hot peppers before cooking them to reduce the heat and allow the flavour of the pepper to be appreciated.

  11. popcornPersonal Favourite: Ok as far as I know, this one is completely original! Use a cheese grater to spread the butter over warm freshly popped popcorn. Yummo.