Let’s Rock!

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Give the gift of music & tap into your child’s inner musician with Toy Jazz Drum Set!

If you have an aspiring musician in the house or want to simply challenge your child to learn a new skill, a toy drum set is a great way addition to your child’s toy room. This 6-Piece Toy Jazz Drum set will help enhance their burgeoning creativity while helping them hone their coordination & memory skills. After a few weeks, your son could be the next Buddy Rich! Or maybe she’ll be so taken by the banging, your daughter will be next the John Bonham!

A drum set such as this is easy to assemble and  it’s sure to provide hours of fun. It comes with a bass drum, small tom tom, large tom tom, mini tom tom, cymbal and stools. All the drums are in a bright blue color with chrome plastic shinning edges. A foot pedal is also included for the bass drum.

Your children will have fun banging on this drum set for hours and build up their self-confidence while playing. Listen to them get better every time – and if that doesn’t happen, have a sense of humor and purchase a piece of sanity!