Recycle: Turn your old Christmas Bulbs into Sparklying Christmas Ornaments

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Recycling your old things is always fun. It helps to reduce our garbage and is cost efficient. There are many ways to  make it your items personalized and as unique as you want. The outcome is all up to your imagination and can  be a fun activity for the entire family. This Christmas you can make amazing Christmas ornaments that will make your tree sparkle!


Materials that you need:

Old bulbs (big or small)





Add a little of water in your glue, enough to make it easier to apply.

Apply the glue mixture to the outside glass of the bulb.

Sprinkle glitter around the bulb until fully covered.

Try decorating with different colours of glitters, depending on your theme this year.

Add a string or ribbon on top of the bulb and hang it to your Christmas tree.


Great bonding moment, great savings and great ornament. This is a activity for your family this Christmas.

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