Steam Mop Review | How to Find the Best Steam Mop for Sparkling Tile?

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Keeping tile sparkling is a permanent job that many housewives have struggled for centuries. No matter how frequently you wash them, they’ll be dirty in minutes because of the juice stains or pet hair. That’s why a mop becomes so important for your household. Hope this steam mop review can help.

What are Steam Mops?

Steam mops are electric cleaning appliances that use steam to clean tiles and carpets. Unlike the regular mops that should usually clean floor with soap or detergent, a steam mop can heat up water inside a reservoir, then high-temperature steam can be created. By pumping the steam out of the mop head, a steam mop can loosen stubborn stains on the floor, which can mop the grime away and even kill bacteria with the high temperature.

What’re the Differences between Steam Mops and Regular Mops?

The most evident difference between steam mops and regular mops is the convenience of using. Using a steam mop doesn’t require many mopping skills under the help of high-temperature steam. While regular mopping needs you to mop with physical labour and mopping skills. Here’s a comparison between the two mops.

Convenience of UsingFew Mopping Skills RequiredMopping Skills and Physical Labour Required
Detergent RequiredDistilled Water OnlyWater and Soap or Other Detergents
Harmful to the Floor Or NotNoMaybe
Bacteria KillingYesDepends on the Detergent You Used
MultifunctionMop Windows, Garments, Furniture By Changing the NozzlesUsually Only Floor Mopping Available

What to Look for When Buying a Steam Mop?

  • Cleaning Performance

The best steam mop must possess powerful cleaning performance firstly. They can easily get around the furniture and corners, and also have excellent power to clean stuck-on stains with few processes. That requires a steam mop to heat the water to a very high-temperature. Usually, if the steam temperature can reach up to 200 degrees, you can count on the steam mop to sanitise your home. Moreover, less heating time is an additional advantage to make a steam mop outstanding.

  • Cord Length

Cord length is essential for choosing a steam mop since a long cord allows you to reach as much space as possible to clean. You don’t have to plug and unplug the steam mop in various sockets.

  • Steam Time

There’s slight difference of water heating time among those stand-up mops — up to 30min per refill. But for their handheld counterparts, the water heating time lasts for about 10 minutes.

  • Additional Cleaning Accessories

All of our steam cleaners are equipped with piles of bonus nozzles or mop cloth. You can mop furniture or steam the garments to kill bacteria with high-temperature steam.

The following table is a comparison of performance among our steam cleaners:

Product NameMAXKON 10 In 1 Foldable Steam Mop12-in-1 Steam Mop- 1300W13-in-1 Steam Mop Cleaner-1500wMaxkon Floor Steam Mop- 1500WMaxkon 11 in 1 Handheld Steam Cleaner
Product Image
Steam-Readied Time10s15s15s15s<10s
Steam-Readied Temperature100-139 degrees110 degrees110 degrees100-140 degrees140 degrees
Steam Time13-45min10-14min10-14min30min8-10min
Cord Length5 Metres5 Metres5 Metres5 Metres5 Metres
Additional Cleaning Accessories1*Steam Mop
1*Measuring Cup
2*Microfiber Cloth
1* Window Cleaning & Garment Steamer Cloth
1*Accessory Adapter
1*Window cleaning & garment steamer tool
1*Small Scrub Brush
1*Medium Scrub Brush
1*Angle Nozzle
1*Grout Cleaning Tool
1*Scraping Tool
1*Carpet Glider
1*User Manual
1*Garment steaming head sand cloth
1*Sofa cleaning head with cloth
1*Window cleaner squeegee with rubber slip and cloth
1*Long nozzle
1*Bent nozzle
2*Brush nozzle
1*Cloth holder
1*Mop cloth
1*mop cloth
1*cloth holder
1*long nozzle
1*bent nozzle
1*connection hose
1*sofa cleaning head with cloth
1*Garment steaming head & cloth
1*squeegue w/ rubber slip & cloth
2*brush nozzle
1* Measuring Cup
2*Micro fibre Cloth Pads
1*Carpet Glider
1*Steamer Cleaner
3* Floor Steamer Extension Tubes
1* Garment Steamer
1* Window Cleaning Attachment
1* Floor Steamer
1* Measuring Jug
1* Flexible Hose
1* Funnel
1* Garment Steamer Cloth
1* Cotton Floor Cloth
1* Connector Nozzle
1* Straight Nozzle
1* Round Brush
1* Bent Spray Nozzle
1* User Manual

How to Maintain Your Steam Mop Well?

  • Use Distilled Water Where Possible

If you use water with impurities, then the mineral deposits may start to clog the nozzle, which isn’t good for the long-term maintenance of a steam mop. Using distilled water (water that has been purified) can solve the problem.

  • Do Not Add Chemicals or Soap

All a steam cleaner needs during the cleaning is pure water. It heats up the water inside the reservoir and creates high-temperature steam to sanitise. Any chemicals or soap added would cause internal destroy.

  • Clean Your Water Reservoir Often

Please make sure that it is turned off before you do this, and unplug it just to be sure!

  • Wash the Mop Pad after Every Use

Certainly washing the mop head is necessary after every mopping task. The stains, dust and debris stuck on the mop head have to be removed for next cleaning. And regular cleaning can extend the mop head’s life span.

  • Clean the Steam Nozzle Often

To prevent the steam nozzle from being blocked by mineral deposits, regular cleaning of steam nozzles is necessary. But if you use pure water, the nozzle cleaning job can be alleviated a lot.

  • Match with Proper Cleaning Tricks

More cleaning tricks can be checked here: Five Stress-Free Cleaning Tricks to Make Your Tiles Shine