Top Ten Tips for……huh?

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1. If you feel bad for the person eating alone at a restaurant and want to invite them over…DON'T. They're alone for a reason. And likely, they aren't interested in YOU.

FSA/8a26000/8a263008a26349a.tif2. Save gas by pushing your car to work. People will probably feel bad for you and stop to help, then get back in, sit down and steer.

3. If you're playing chess and decide the game is not exciting enough for you, STOP PLAYING CHESS.

4. Dress like a panda this halloween by giving yourself 2 black eyes and eating bamboo.

5. On rough relationship days, watch your wedding video in reverse. There you go, back up the isle and out the door!

pool6. If you're searching for that once in a lifetime experience…go skydiving without a parachute. What a thrill! (People, don't do this…)

7. If you're a millionaire and you DON'T have a water slide from your 2nd floor bedroom window to your pool, you're doing it wrong.

8. When someone starts their sentence with "I just find it funny how…" there's a 99% chance they don't find it funny at all.

9. Save time in your long-term daily routine by using super glue instead of hair gel.

omg wtf lol10. If you find yourself actually speaking the words "LOL" or "OMG" then you seriously need to put down the phone, get off the computer, and get out more.