Five Christmas Party Games to Cheer Guests Up

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Whether you’ll host the Christmas celebration of your company this year, or just hunting for some funny Christmas party games for family gathering after Christmas tree decoration and Christmas dinner, these five games can be the best icebreakers among your colleagues, as well as lighting up the festive atmosphere at home.

1. Santa Doesn't Say                                                             bathroom-santa

Buy enough Santa hats for all guests of your party. Before guests arrive, pin a holiday character on each hat. Before the party begins, put the hats on each guest’s head, not letting them see what is pinned on their own hat. Then having your guests move, talk to each other and ask questions to figure out who he is. The first one who can figure out his character wins.


2. Two Truths and a Lie                                                       christmas-movie-trivia

Two truths and a lie can be transformed into Christmas version by asking guests to come up with a total of three Christmas gifts instead. Two of the Christmas gifts must be gifts that the guest has actually received in the past whereas the third gift should be a lie. Participants will take their best try at guessing which Christmas gift is a lie.


3. Stocking Stuffers or Bluffers                    

Hang out assorted stocking on s string.In some stockings place different amounts of cash (mostly small amounts $1, a few larger amounts, and one big prize), in other stocking place challenges or tricks.Guests can take turns choosing a stocking but they must agree that if they get a challenge card they must do it. Are they willing to gamble. A few challenges could be;

  • Stuff your mouth full of marshmallows and sing jingle bells in front of everyone.
  • Drink a mug of eggnog in 30 seconds.
  • I'm sure you can think of some even better ones!



4. Jingle Bell Shake

  • How do you do the Jingle bell shake?
  • Tie an empty tissue box around the players backside (Poke two holes on opposite ends of the bottom a weave the rope or ribbon through it.)
  • Place 10 little jingle bells in the box.Start the music.The player has one minute to dance out as many of the bells as possible.


5. Reindeer Anters                                          

Divide players into teams of three.Provide each team with the following;                                  xreindeer-antler-funny-christmas-party-game-jpg-pagespeed-ic-o67qe01v7w

  • A pair of pantyhose with the toes cut off.
  • 15 balloons. (maybe a few extra in case some break)
  • Two pieces of ribbon
  • One person on each team must wear the pantyhose on their head. 

The goal is to blow up the balloons, stuff them in the pantyhose, and tie the toes closed using the ribbon.

Award prizes for;

  • Fastest finished
  • Tallest standing (most upright)
  • Longest
  • Cutest.
  • Whatever you want!