BenQ M11 & DV S11: 1080p Camcorders for Every Occasion

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If you’ve got a full high definition television, you wouldn’t want to feed it anything less than full high definition video, would you? Luckily, 1080p camcorders are cheaper than ever, and at CrazySales, you can find them on sale for 30% to 80% below standard retail!

Depending on what you need, we’ve just got in a camera and camcorder that might interest you. Both have loads of features, low prices and that great BenQ quality.

Buy BenQ M11 1080p Camcorder Review Features

BenQ M11 1080p Camcorder

The M11 is the latest camcorder from BenQ and has some genuinely impressive features at this price range, including a time-lapse camera that will allow you to film everything from the blooming of a flower to the movement of shadows outdoors without using hours of video.

Another handy (and fairly unique) feature is the dual stream recording facility that stores a smaller, lower-resolution version of the video.

It even has the easy-to-use feature of touch auto focus. Simply touch the object you want to bring into focus on the comfortably large touch screen and the camera will lock onto it and keep it in focus wherever it moves.

Buy BenQ DV S11 1080p Digital Camera Review Features

BenQ S11 1080p Camcorder with Projector

The BenQ DV S11 is a pocket-sized compact digital camera that also works as a basic full HD video camera. But where it (literally) shines in terms of features is its built-in video projector. Want to show everyone the photos you just took, but there’s no TV around? Just point the DV S11’s picoprojector at the nearest wall, and you can project an image up to 140cm. You can even show the movies you just recorded!

Both of these cameras are going for an absolute pittance at CrazySales. Snap them up before they’re gone!