The BenQ S21 Night Vision Video Camera Captures Everything for Practically Nothing

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BenQ S21 Night Vision Video Camera

We’re making a special entry in the blog today because we’re just thrilled with one of our new products. The BenQ S21 is a stunningly affordable 1080p digital camcorder with exceptional night vision capabilities, and we’re selling it for less than $200!

The full HD recording capability makes your video recordings as clear as a movie on Blu-ray, and with the ultra sensitive image sensor, you’ll see things you thought were lost in the shadows, and with its big LCD touchscreen, you’ll see exactly what the camera is seeing. Shooting wildlife (or your wild life) at night is easy with night vision. One of the niftier features it sports is motion detection, so you’re able to set the camera to wait to catch that secret night-time garden visitor. It also functions as a regular digital camera and can shoot 16 megapixel JPEGs, that’s enough resolution for anyone! If you’re shooting away from a wall socket or convenient charger, it also has the ability to use standard AA penlight batteries. If you run out of power using the lithium-ion rechargeable cell, simply hop over to the nearest convenience store and buy replacement batteries off the shelf, or raid whatever electronics are lying around. The S21 also records on standard SD cards, and best of all, has a double memory card slot so you can add more storage to increase recording time on the fly. You won’t get a more full-featured, high powered digital camcorder for this crazy price!