The Small HDTV that’s Big on Features

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Englaon HD LED LCD 22 inch with DVD and PVR

We’ve got another crazy deal for you here at CrazySales this week. Looking for a small TV that does everything? Well, we’ve found one that we think fits the bill! The Englaon LED22M20 is a full high-definition TV that features PVR capability to record TV, an HD tuner, a DVD player and a USB port to play videos and display photos from your digital camera. With its full high definition, high resolution screen, you can even use it as a proper computer monitor, plugging a desktop or laptop into its VGA or HDMI ports.

While we can talk features and specifications all day, we think once you see the picture quality of this television, you’ll want to buy more than one. Its full high definition screen and HDTV tuner mean that you’ll see every detail of the action whether you’re watching . Its LED backlight gives it incredibly vivid colour and uses a tiny amount of power.

PVR Power

At this price, you’re lucky to get a basic computer monitor, but the Englaon has everything you need and more. The built-in PVR (personal video recorder) means you never have to miss a show, and you can even rewind and pause a live TV broadcast. Just plug any USB flash stick into the TV and you’re ready to go!

Built-in DVD

It’s likely that you’re going to put this TV somewhere with limited free space. We all love to watch DVDs and the built-in DVD player in the Englaon means you don’t need to buy another player and find a shelf and spare plug for it.

It’s so compact and light on power that you can even run it off a 12V car battery, so it’s great for caravans and holidays. If you’re looking for a TV for the guest room or even the kitchen, or if you’re a student in digs, then this little beauty is exactly the screen you want. And if you buy it before Sunday 17 July 2011, you’ll pay only $227.95!