Cookware and Kitchen Essentials Guide for Aspiring Cooks

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Kitchen utensil and cookware must haves for a novice cook and professional chef Choosing the right cookware and kitchen utensils is usually a difficult decision for novice cooks. The market offers plenty of options and all of the selections will make you think that you need to have them in your kitchen. But buying most of these items will only eat up your money and crowd your kitchen with unnecessary stuffs. So what particular cookware and kitchen utensils will you buy then? Simple, get only the essential ones and these are often the classic cooking tools.

Cooking Pots

Cooking pots are very essential in the kitchen. This particular cookware is needed to boil water with or without flavoring. Your decision to buy cooking pots should be based on your need. Depending on its size, cooking pots can boil from three gallons for extract brewing up to 15 to 20 gallons for complete batch cooking. And if you want to experiment with your cooking, you can use a hotpot or a stockpot.

Cooking Pans

Most often than not, cooks have their own favorite pan to use because of the consistent cooking results it gives. You might be able to find one from these different types of pans.

The most popular type of pan is a frying pan or skillet. Of course, this pan is used to fry foods. But you can also use this to stew foods. There is also a type of pan that has a deep vessel and this is called saucepan. You can use this to boil or sauté. If you love to bake, you should also get a baking pan that is designed for baking, cooking and browning foods. Another type of pan is the double boiler.

Pressure Cooker

You should not miss this particular cookware in your kitchen if you are a health-conscious cook. You can use pressure cooker to serve your family with nutritious and wholesome meals. This cookware uses superheated steam under pressure to bring flavors into foods. This vitally preserves the essential nutrients and vitamins of foods as it quickly cooks with few liquids.


This cookware originated in China and is very versatile. You can use a wok for a lot of cooking purposes for it has a wide top and surface. It can be used to stir-fry foods, prepare Italian spaghetti with sauce, toss salads, make taco fillings, knead dough, mix batters, scramble eggs, roast green coffee beans and many more.

Roasting Pans

To roast dishes delectably, you need to get a roast pan. This is a large pan with a lid and meat rack. You can find this in different sizes to match different types of roasting dishes. This also comes in different materials like stainless steel, enamel, nonstick coatings and aluminum. When buying one, make sure to get dark colored roasting pan than those with unfinished metals for this absorbs and transfers heat quicker.

The above-mentioned cookware and kitchen utensils should be the first set of collection in your kitchen. Just select the particular type of cookware that will perfectly fit your style of cooking.