Food Tips: Road Trip Edition

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If you’ve got an upcoming road trip planned, the last thing you need while spending hours in a car is food that will leave you feeling depleted, bloated, and tired. Here are some tips to keep you feeling healthy and refreshed while spending time on the road.

Say-No-To-Fast-FoodStart Where You Stop

If you stop at a fast food place, you basically have one option: fast food. However, if you stop at a grocery store you’ll have isles of fresh and healthy food to choose from, including bagged carrots, nuts or hummus, and many supermarkets feature fresh deli and salad bars. You can even make your own dried snacks to take with you. So resist the junk-food temptation and stay fresh.

Eat More, But Less

So after you’ve stopped and picked up various options of fresh healthy food from the grocery store, feel free to snack on little bites more often, which will send a signal to your brain that food supply is high, which will allow your body to burn calories. Stuffing in a single setting will send the message that food will be gone soon, and the body will store up those calories as fat.

Eat Happy Foods

When on the road, you need to keep the mood up, so avoid foods that leave you feeling full and depleted. Avoid these “sad” foods: 1) Fruit juices, sodas, refined grain products or sugary snacks. 2) Anything deep fried. 3) Nonfat desserts and sweeteners which are high in chemicals that aren’t easily metabolized by your body. 4) Alcohol, but you probably shouldn’t be having that on the road anyway…

drinkHydrate (with water)

Water is a food, and it’s a food that the body needs for nearly every function it preforms. Drinking plenty of water will keep the toxins flushed from your body, keep your skin fresh and healthy, and will also keep you feeling fuller which helps you eat less. Many of the unhealthy junk food cravings can be satisfied with a refreshing drink of good ol’ H20.