Kiddie Cooking Supplies for the Kitchen-Playground

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Everyone realized that kids can cook real food and not only create play-pretend dishes after that phenomenal success of Junior Masterchef Australia. Kids certainly know better about food than adults. So instead of keeping them away, why don’t welcome the kids to the kitchen and teach them how to cook? Get them these cute and safe kiddie supplies and turn your kitchen into their new creative playground:

Measuring. One of the most effective ways to teach children the basic mathematics is while cooking. Ingredients must be measured accurately and let the kids do their math with measuring cup or measuring spoons.

Mixing. The real action is in the kitchen, while cooking meals. And kids certainly know about whisking, mixing, beating, etc. Let them do the mixing just like the way you do with the kiddie whisk spoon, mini spatula, and mini beater.

Help your kids become future Master Chefs with these kitchen supplies and accessories

Cookie cutting. Kids love making but especially love eating desserts. Cakes and cookies are always on top of their most favorite. Cookie cutters are the best way to teach them shapes as they enjoy cutting more dough for the cookies. Teach them also about the difference of the triangle cookie cutter and the rectangular one.

Cake moulds. After making some yummy cookies, maybe the kids are all ready for the cake tin. Let them try out the silicon cake molder first because it is easier and safer to use than the tin-made molders. Give them interesting and easy-to-use silicon cake molders that will help them create car cake or dinosaur cake. Make the car or dinosaur look more realistic with the sweetest and colorful icing.

For the chef look. Kids will have more fun when cooking if they will play pretend as chefs. So let them wear apron and chef hat and give them that chef-like feeling. If your child is between 3 to 7 years old a Junior MasterChef apron and chef hat set is a perfect gift to them.

No need to buy cooking or dining play sets if you can buy real kiddie kitchen supplies. But if you feel like buying all these will be such a hassle, then prefer to get the different cooking set. There are  Junior Masterchef cupcake kits, cake kits, pizza kits, and many more cooking set kits for all ages and for different cooking techniques.

Feed your kids’ interest on cooking with these safe and simple kiddie kitchen supplies? A  mini spatula, whisk spoon, measuring cup, cake tin, cookie cutter, apron and chef hat could inspire them more to be one of the world’s best chefs someday.