Tips for Staying Healthy | 10 Must-Have Health & Beauty Products 2022

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Staying physically and mentally healthy is the key to living a productive and satisfying life. For example, eating healthy and exercising regularly will help you live longer, keep your skin, teeth, and eyes healthy, gain more energy in daily life and reduce the risk of developing heart disease and other chronic diseases. Here are a couple of practical health tips to help you start a healthy and high-quality living in the new year.

  • Keep a positive attitude
  • Eat a well-balanced, low-fat diet
  • Drink at least eight cups of water
  • Make exercise a habit
  • Maintain a healthy weight
  • Massage regularly
  • Don’t smoke or quit if you do
  • Brush your teeth before going to bed
  • Get enough sleep and rest
  • Build a healthy beauty-care routine

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle isn’t that difficult – stick to what you do and apply the staying healthy tips listed above, and you’re sure to be a well-rounded, healthy person in no time. Other better ways, like using health and beauty products are also highly effective in staying mentally and emotionally fit. Here’s a list of the 10 best health and beauty products that you must have in 2022, to help boost your health, self-confidence and be ready to take on the day.

HOMASA Luxury Full Body Massage Chair Zero-Gravity Kneading Shiatsu Massager w/ Touch Control

Was: $2,499.00

Now: $1,399.97

This HOMASA Luxury Full Body Massage Chair will be your personal masseuse, giving you real relaxation in the comfort of your own home. This massage chair contains 32 airbags for a full-body massage, 22 deep-kneading Shiatsu massage nodes for neck and back, 12 Shiatsu massage nodes and 16 airbags around the legs and feet. To ensure maximum comfort, it highlights an exclusive pillow with four airbags for massaging the head and an excellent cylinder-shaped air squeezing massage in the thigh area. With a smart touch-control LCD, you can freely switch between eight kinds of massage methods and select air squeezing, vibration and heating massage to further your relaxation. The best part is its zero-gravity massage allows you to not just recline but also lay flat to take pressure off your whole body. To create a more relaxing massage environment, this electric massager comes complete with built-in Bluetooth speakers.

3D Shiatsu Foot Ankle Calf Massager Silver – 4 Motors

Was: $399.95

Now: $289.96

With this 3D Shiatsu Foot Ankle Calf Massager, you can freely enjoy a professional-grade foot massage without spending time and energy visiting a massage parlour. Driven by a powerful motor with eight massage discs for feet and four discs for calves, this electric massager works great to relieve both the pressure and pain in your feet, ankles and calves after a long day at work or shopping or getting together with family or friends. For added comfort, it also combines air pressure kneading, heating treatment and vibration massage. The best foot massager gives you a wonderful relaxing massage experience while improving circulation, stimulating muscles, reducing tension and relieving pain. An easy-to-control panel makes it possible to set the massage pressure and speed that you prefer, taking your relaxation to a new level. This massager comfortably fits different sized feet with plenty of room and is easy to clean with a detachable and washable fabric lining.

55cm Width Height Adjustable 2-Fold Massage Table Bed Padded W/6cm Foam Portable

Was: $219.95

Now: $139.96

This Height Adjustable 2-Fold Massage Table Bed integrates superior comfort and excellent support, giving both masseuse and the massaged person an amazing massage experience. Measuring 186×55.5cm, this massage table is designed with a deluxe cushioning top surface with 4cm high-density foam padding. For a well-rounded massage experience, it includes a wealth of features, like a flexible head cradle, a reclining backrest board, adjustable armrests and offers up to nine different adjustable heights to suit different massage needs and easy access on and off the bed. Solid wood construction contributes to unparalleled strength to bear weight up to 250kg and reliable stability and durability for years to come. This massage table is light in weight and portable that will be the perfect option for a massage therapy business or anyone who want to enjoy giving and receiving massage in the comfort of their own home.

Portable Steam Sauna Full Body Spa Kit 1000W Steamer W/Foldable Chair + Remote Control

Was: $279.95

Now: $139.97

Reap unexpected health benefits and enjoy a safe sauna experience by using this Portable Steam Sauna Full Body Spa Kit. Regular steam therapy in this home sauna is great for relaxing your tense nerves, relieving fatigue and stress, increasing circulation, lowering blood pressure, enhancing skin health and helping you recover from intense workouts. This steam sauna is large in size and comprises an individual steamer, a remote controller and a foldable chair for sitting comfortably while enjoying a soothing steam session. It’s easy to operate with a handheld remote control that allows you to customise the timer settings and choose from nine different temperature controls. Premium-quality fabric designed with four thermal layers ensure this sauna tent is waterproof, antibacterial and resistant to odour and mildew as well. Wait no more and buy this portable sauna tent to have a relaxing sweat session right at home.

White Noise Sound Therapy Machine 9-sound Sleep Device

Was: $79.95

Now: $39.95

This White Noise Sound Therapy Machine is the best option for sleepers who are often tossing and turning for hours or waking up easily after finally drifting to sleep. It’s completed with nine different sounds, including white noises, including wind, brook, rain, ocean, thunder, old lute, sound of nature, soothing music and prenatal education music. Ideal for your bedroom or your kids’ room, this sound machine has an incredible volume range and a nice depth of sound. Additionally, this white noise machine is accented with three automatic timer options that will turn it off in 15, 30 and 60 minutes. The compact size makes it portable and is easy to take anywhere you need and will be a must-have accessory for those who have sleep problems while travelling or camping outside. Order this white noise machine right now for better nights’ sleep.

Maxkon Trifold Makeup Mirror Lights 3 Colours Lighting Modes Dimmable LED Touch Control with Makeup Tool Storage Box

Was: $129.95

Now: $19.88

A professional lighted vanity mirror is essential to achieve flawless makeup looks. This Maxkon Trifold Makeup Mirror features an excellent lighting system that simulates natural light and is bright enough to give you the best view of how you’ll look outdoors. For better makeup, this LED lighted mirror has a smart touch-control screen that allows you to easily adjust lighting modes and brightness. It also has an intelligent memory function for superior convenience. The exclusive tri-fold design, together with 180-degree rotation, magnifying and wide-angle viewing functions, makes it easier to apply makeup from all angles. The additional bottom storage offers plenty of space for your brushes, lipsticks, blushes and more. When not in use, it can be folded up to neatly store in a drawer to save counter space. Crafted from premium-quality construction, this makeup mirror is sure to support your makeup journey for many years.

Maxkon 15 LED aluminium Hollywood Style Makeup Mirror Lighted Vanity Mirror

Was: $369.95

Now: $139.96

Maxkon Hollywood Style Makeup Mirror is a worthy buy to level up your daily skincare routine and nail your makeup application every single time. It’s a beautiful piece to have on your vanity table that is illuminated by 15 LED light bulbs with adjustable brightness and three lighting settings – daylight, warm white and warm light. The best thing is that this makeup mirror has a touch screen – a simple touch turns it on or off and adjusts the brightness and lighting, giving you a totally different makeup session and making getting ready much easier. At a large size of 60x50cm, you can clearly see everything on your face in view at once, ideal for daily makeup, grooming or even dressing. This LED lighted mirror is built to withstand years of makeup use thanks to its sturdy aluminium frame and solid base, plus top-quality mirror and 50000 hours of LEDs.

One-Step Hair Dryer and Volumizer Hot Air Brush, Pink

Was: $149.95

Now: $29.97

This One-Step Hair Dryer and Volumizer Hot Air Brush is the key to gorgeous, salon-style hair every day. It’s a perfect combination of a hair dryer and a comb for styling, drying or volumizing every hair type in one step thanks to its built-in powerful motor. To minimise hair damage, this hair dryer combines maximum drying power with 30% less frizz. For smooth hairstyle and creating nice volume, it adopts an advanced ionic and ceramic technology, unique non-detachable oval brush and round edges. With three adjustable heating settings, you can adjust to the desired level – cool, low, or high, to suit your various needs for any occasion and event. It’s safe and durable enough to use for a long time with multiple safety certifications and premium-quality construction. Don’t hesitate to add it to your shopping cart and let this multifunctional hair dryer be your personal stylist at home.

One-Step Manicure Gel Pen Temperature Change No Base and Top Coat Needed 8 Colours

Was: $49.99

Now: $39.99

This all-in-one one-step nail polish pen is a must-have for all nail paint lovers to get effortless and salon-worthy manicures at home. Perfect for applying in nail salons or personal nail arts, this nail pen offers a wide range of beautiful colours, making painting your nails a breeze. This set offers nail art enthusiasts a quick, hassle-free way to polish fingernails, toenails, natural or fake nails, acrylic nails and other types of nails. The awesome gel nail polish pen is a versatile nail tool that is easy to match your daily wear and make you more attractive and confident. Compared to a traditional nail polish pen, you do not need a separate base or topcoat with this 3-in-1 manicure pen, saving you lots of time and energy. Made with high-quality materials, this professional-grade gel nail pen is safe and reliable to apply to your nails.

Hairdressing Trolley Storage Rolling Tool Cart Salon Furniture on Wheels 6 Tiers 5 Tray

Was: $119.95

Now: $79.96

For a perfect spot to store your various salon supplies, you can’t go wrong with this hairdressing storage trolley rolling cart. It boasts six layers in total, along with five easily removable trays, giving plenty of space to organise all sorts of beauty items or cosmetic tools like hairdressing shears, hair dryers, clips, nail polish, brushes and combs. For great convenience and extra storage needs, it comes complete with several compartments and appliance holders on the top working area. The storage cart is on four 360-degree movement caster wheels and has an ergonomic push handle, so you can easily move to where it’s needed and stop instantly. Its high-quality plastic frame makes it reliable and durable enough to withstand years of heavy use. Go for this functional and stylish hairdressing trolley now to keep your space looking great and attract more repeat clients.


It’s time to switch up your daily routine and start a new, healthy lifestyle from now on – exercise regularly, drink more water, not smoke and get up earlier and with our fabulous range of health and beauty products that will help you look and feel your best every day. CrazySales brings you amazing health and beauty products to match your makeup, skincare, hair care or massage and relaxation needs. All of these are of the highest quality, reliable and sold at incredible prices. Visit our store now to browse through our wide variety of items on sports and fitness and more, shop for yourself or your loved one and get the latest discounts and sales in no time.