Vibration Machines and Fitness: What’s the Buzz?

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Vibration Machines and Vibration Platforms

There are hundreds of fitness machines available that you can use to exercise at home, whether you choose resistance and weight lifting machines for strength training or spinning machines or treadmills for cardiovascular workouts. But there’s a new craze sweeping Australia: the vibration machine.

Vibration machines are the result of research done on whole body vibration training to minimise the muscle-wasting effects of long periods spent weightless in space. The rapid vibration sends signals to the brain that force deep, rapid contractions of the muscles, and amplifies the effect of your normal workout by up to six times. This means you can do a hour’s worth of exercise in 10 minutes by doing the same exercise on a vibration platform.

In addition to helping to improve muscle tone, vibration machine exercise increases bone density and strengthens ligaments and tendons. Physiotherapists are embracing vibration therapy as a tool to stave off osteoporosis. This combination of low effort and fast results makes whole body vibration exercise ideal for the elderly or other people who can’t exercise effectively.

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