Tablets – Beyond the iPad

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When Apple launched their iPad tablet some critics were unimpressed by its lack of features like USB ports and memory card slots, but that didn’t stop it becoming a huge seller. It took a surprisingly long time for any of Apple’s rivals to produce any tablets that could compete with the iPad in terms of slickness, but they finally do exist.

The first word you need to know in tablet land is “Android”. Android is an operating system that was designed by Google for phones and other small devices. Most of the iPad’s competitors run Android instead of Windows or Apple’s iOS operating system. Because Android is open for manufacturers and service providers to customise, every tablet feels different. The Motorola Xoom and Samsung Galaxy Tab are powerful devices that are easy to use, flexible and stylish.

If you think a tablet is just too large, and a phone is just too small to use as to browse the net, then there’s a unique product that might suit you perfectly. The Dell Streak is and Android-powered device halfway between a tablet and  phone, and can, unlike most tablets, actually make regular calls.

Another option, and one that business-oriented users might prefer, is BlackBerry. While RIM used to be the be-all and end-all of business phones, they’ve largely been superceded by Android and iOS devices. But, if you’re a BlackBerry junkie, the Playbook series of tablets may be just what you’re looking for. BlackBerry Playbooks are available in 64GB, 32GB and 16GB sizes to accommodate all your media storage needs.

Whatever tablet you buy, we hope our little roundup makes choosing one easy to swallow!