Warmer Winter Bedding & Manchester

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Winter Bedding & Manchester

There’s no better way to enjoy these icy winter nights than warm in bed! But are you warm enough? Or worse, too hot? Maybe you start out too cold and end up overheated. Perhaps it’s time you considered an upgrade to your old manchester and bedding!

There’s more to winter warmth than a heavy blanket or big doona. The bedsheets you choose can make a big difference too! Increasing the thread count of cotton sheets makes them softer, but have you ever tried flannelette sheets? If you like your flannel pyjamas, then you’ll want to give soft, warm flannel bedsheets a go!

There’s more to warm bedding than sheets though. Find you get too hot, push off the doona and then get too cold? Try layering blankets, quilts and comforters so that you can control your temperature more easily.

As for blanket fillings, there’s no substitute for a down-filled quilt if you want to stay warm, but if they make you sneeze then you’ll want to buy a hypoallergenic quilt. Another simple trick is to buy thinner quilts and simply add more inside your quilt cover as the nights get colder.

Whatever works for you, we hope you’ll find it in the CrazySales bedding department!