Beat the Winter Cold with a New Heater

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Hands up if you hate the winter cold? Yep, us too. That’s why we’ve looked for the best heaters to help warm up your home.

While you can’t beat a roaring fire, unfortunately, it’s not practical in all households. When you need rapid heat, a small, cheap heater with a built-in fan will warm you up in seconds if you sit close enough, but if you want to warm the entire house, you’re going to need to think bigger. A large halogen heater or ceramic heater will get the roam toasty in minutes!

If you find that regular fan heaters (also know as convection heaters) dry out the air (and your nose and throat), then you can’t beat a good oil radiator heater. Oil heaters store heat in special thermal oil heat reservoir and so if your heater has its thermostat set low, spend half their time off. This makes oil heaters a particularly energy-efficient form of electric heating for a given wattage.

The drawback of an oil heater is that compared to a fan or ceramic heater it’s rather slow to start heating the room, so it’s a good idea to buy an oil heater with a timer that will switch it on before you get home or before you wake up, Luckily, all the oil heaters sold at CrazySales have timers!

We hope our little guide will help you have a warmer winter!