It’s Time to Upgrade Your Headphones

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If you love music, why would you settle for hearing it on poor quality headphones? Would you eat every meal through a straw? If you actually buy your music (and you should), it’s probably worth hundreds of times the cost of a decent pair of headphones, so a good pair really shouldn’t merit a moment’s hesitation. Luckily, at CrazySales, we have a massive range of high-quality headphones at the lowest prices in Australia, so you can get the best headphones without breaking the bank.

“What Type of Headphones Should I Get?”

Well, the obvious answer is “the best you can afford”, but this doesn’t help much. If you mostly use your headphones to listen to your iPod or other portable player, then you’ll likely want to get a pair of earbuds or in-ear headphones (or “canalphones”). These are easy to carry and unobtrusive to wear. Canalphones are unlike earbuds because they fit deeper in the ear using soft rubber and offer better sound quality.

If you want something a bit better at the expense of some convenience, then we also carry a range of supra-aural (“over ear”) and circumaural (“around ear”) headphones. If you listen to music at work all day, then these are the headphones for you!

“Why Get Better Headphones for Noisy Public Transport?”

Some of our more advanced models offer very good noise isolation, and enable you to hear your music without too much distraction. Even further up the line, you will find headphones with active noise cancellation, which sharply reduces the amount of background noise. Better headphones make every journey on public transport that much more enjoyable.

“What Brand Headphones are the Best?”

At CrazySales, we’re mad about sound quality (and we have some dedicated audiophiles among the staff) and so we pride ourselves on our selection of high quality headphones. We’ve got professional quality headphones from Shure, super-accurate canalphones by Etymotic, audiophile-grade headphones by Audio Technica and Ultimate Ears and a range of budget headphones including Philips, Sony, and Beats by Dr Dre. We’re sure any of these will present a substantial quality upgrade over the stock headphones that ship with most MP3 players and phones.