Christmas Plate as a Christmas Decoration

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Do you have same old Christmas plate every year? Why not make a brand new Christmas decor this year. Plate is not just where you eat, this can also be a personalize decor to your home.

Many of us always want to have a new new thing every year for Christmas season. Something that is unique, cheap (but not sacrificing the quality) and beautiful.


This project will bring out the creativity in you, do it in your own way. This will also help you save money for this season.


This will be the Materials that you need:

Elegant Christmas Plate

Different colours of Enamel Paints

Paint Brushes

Plate Stand


Instructions on how to do it:

You can have your own design for this, but let me give you an example.

If you have a baby in your family, you can paint his foot with any colour that you want and press it down to the plate.  Do the same to the other foot.

You can add some designs to the side of the plate.

You can also do it by painting each hand of the family member and you press it on each plate.

Let it dry for a day.


You can use it to hang in the dinning area or use a plate stand and display it  in the living room. This will be a simple yet the most catchy Christmas ornament in your house.

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