Hacks of Pest Control | Five Approaches to Keep Your Garden Pest-Free

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Gardening is a rewarding and toilsome procedure. However, in summer yards and gardens are susceptible to pests, like bugs, mice, birds or snakes that can discourage gardeners who find their plants have been ravaged. To solve this troublesome problem, generally several ways could be taken up to keep your garden pest-free without harsh chemicals. The introduction is as follows:

Electric Fences

Blocking access to your garden is a beneficial, long-term and safe solution to drive unwanted animals away. A fence can be permanent or temporary put up or taken down. The exact material of fences is up to you, you could use wood, metal, plastic or electric fences to repel and shock intruding and annoying pests.


electric fence

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Although dogs and cats sometimes can be nuisance in the yard, they also can be helpful in catching or deterring furry pests like voles and gophers, hence having pets that could scare away many unwanted animals is a pretty good choice.



Organic Sprays

Organic sprays, the ingredients of which are something harmless to environment and people’s health, like garlic cloves, hot pepper and essential oil, are also useful for insect-repelling from bugs to bunnies.


plant organic spray

Extra Plants

Surrounding your garden, to place some sacrificial and attractive plants as food for pests can be a good way to keep them out of your actual yard. When you ensure which animals are “guests” in your garden, you could choose their favorite plant as shield to your vegetables, trees or flowers.



Pest Control

Pest controls can effectively and timely reduce or eliminate pests. Targeting varied animals and pest, different pest control products are provided with their respective functions and natures. All pest control are shown on our website for you to choose, our  pest control prices  range from $16.95 to $169.98 and it should be noted that some of pest control supplies are on discount. If snakes are the hidden danger to yourself and your plants,  4 x Snake Repeller Sonic Pulse Solar Powered Repellent  and 4 x Snake Repeller Ultrasonic Solar Powered Pest Repellent are highly recommended to you, both are environmentally friendly and safe for people. To repel mice, raccoons or  rabbits, you could use Ultrasonic Bird Repellent.


Snake Repeller

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Apart from the above means, other tips are also needed to into consideration to keep the pests away from your garden or yard, such as keep your garden clean, make it less attractive to wild animals by eliminating the nesting and hiding areas, brushing tall grass and reducing the food sources for the pests.

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