A unique and elegant Christmas pillow case

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Materials that you need to make your placemat pillow case:

Elegant Placemats (Red, Green and White)

Thin cloth

Fabric Glue or needle and thread

Old pillow or poly-fil



Since we will be suing a placemats that has design with a hole in it, we need to secure the Poly-fil, glue the thin cloth at the back of each placemat.

Now our placemats don’t have holes any more but maintain its elegant design.

Glue 2 placemats facing each others back side, leave a 2 inch part open so that you can stuff the pillow. (You can choose 2 same colours or different colours on each side)

Stuff the pillow using the old pillow or a poly-fil.

Once you’re done, secure the open part  with the fabric glue.

*You can also sew the placemats instead of gluing it, it’s up to your choice.


Now you have the most unique pillow case in town. Play it around by adding ribbons, buttons and beads.

Please feel free to see more placemats at our website.