an Empire of Ottomans

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Once upon a time, for as far as the eye could see, for as far as a man could wander & the mind could imagine there stretched from mountain top to mountain top, from shore to shore an empire of comfortable, convenient Ottomans…well, sort of. So maybe we’re not talking about the official Ottoman Empire, but with our selection of Ottomans, it isn’t hard to see why we’d get carried away! 

There is no substitute for the real thing and once you stock your living room full of them you will see why. An Ottoman is an ideal addition for any living room, lounge or library. With a timeless design that marries form and function, an Ottoman is the perfect piece of furniture to tie the room together when you’re re-decorating, upgrading or moving in to a new spot.

They’re great for watching the big game with the mates or while relaxing with a rom-com with your sweetheart. Comfortable and versatile, great as foot rests, stools and even make-shift tables!

And no need to stop there: check out our killer crop of sofa beds, arm chairs and the like! Style meets substance at prices that work on a Bedouin budget.

No need to search far and wide for a classy array of living room furniture – just peruse our fine pieces and find what you need. Be it for comfort, for storage, for a touch of flair for the patio, you name it – this kind of comfortable empire knows no bounds!