the Heat is On

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Snacks to Last All Winter Long

Picture this: A party. You are surrounded by close friends and family. Everyone mingles. The beer and wine flows. There is music playing, people are dancing and talking  and everyone is having a wonderful time…but then the chill begins. No, we’re not talking about an icy reception to your party play list or your selection of finger foods, we’re talking about Jack Frost. Before you know it, people are moving indoors, messing up your carpet, spilling drinks, bumping into your tables and generally throwing off the entire jive of your party. If only you had thought ahead and planned for the dipping temps…if only you had yourself an outdoor patio heater!

Cozy and super effective, a stainless steel outdoor patio heater warms up quickly and expansively, making it ideal for all your starry nights and outdoor get-togethers!  Suitable for propane, butane & mixtures (LPG), this patio heater is made of durable stainless steel & comes complete with a handy cover when not in use. And with its convenient design, it will fit into any patio or verandah décor.

Gas not your thing? Fancy yourself “Mr. Electricity”? Well be sure to check out our selection of electric heaters as well! From oscillating to radiating, from stand alone models to fireplace designs, we have discount prices that sizzle!

With Daylight Savings gone & winter approaching, get your patio covered. Make sure your guests stay toasty and free to enjoy the bounties of the outdoors even when the temperatures begin to drop. Perfect for patios, gardens and outdoor functions, an outdoor heater is a great way to get yourself out of the house in those dreary winter months. When the kids want to play in the yard or the party guests want to stay on the porch, oblige them! With an outdoor patio heater, the heat is hard to beat!