Snacks to Last All Winter Long

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Did you know that the process of food dehydration can preserve your fruit, veges, even meat, for a year or more! For those of you who don’t enjoy the task of grocery shopping, a food dehydrator might be the answer to your problems. You’ll save a bunch of money if you bulk buy and you’ll be able to use all that wasted food that goes off before you have time to use it. Dehydrated food preserves food by removing all the water so that micro-organisms like mould and yeast can’t form. At the same time it keeps most of the food’s nutritional value locked in for months and months. With the winter season quickly approaching it’d be handy to have some delicious treats around the house to save you from going out in the bad weather. Think about the amount of sweet dried fruits, the crispy nuts, and the beef jerky you could enjoy with your friends and family (or keep it for yourself!).

A food dehydrator is a great kitchen appliance for all seasons. It’s light weight and easy to use; simply prepare the food and place it on the trays! Craft enthusiasts will be happy to know it can also be used for drying flowers and other materials for creative projects. A versatile addition to your kitchen which is guaranteed to satisfy.