Best New Apps: April 2015

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Keeping track of all the best new apps just might not be your top priority, but there's no denying the convenience and helpful the right app can be! Here's a short rundown on some of the best new apps available now.


An app for true sound junkies, both amateur and professional alike, allowing you to measure the noise level of your surrounding environment. Useful for a few professionals and those of you who are curious about exactly what you’re putting your ears through on a daily basis. Also useful for competitions involving crowd participation. Also just…pretty darn cool!


I think this is one that a lot of people have been waiting for. Periscope is a new app from Twitter involving live video. Where it’s sister app Vine is about sharing six-second looping clips, Periscope is about broadcasting live video from your smartphone to any of your Twitter followers who may want to tune in.


It seems the number of photo editing apps and mobile photo accessories is just growing and growing, but personally I can’t get enough of them. I find that each has a special something that the other can’t offer. Picturine is free and extremely easy to use. Offering over 200 filtering effects, as well as cropping, rotating, and colour editing. If you take a lot of mobile photos, you'll find a use for this app.


A service app, Tilt helps you collect the cash from a group. Planning to kick in with friends for a birthday present, or contribute to a Kickstarter? Group collecting is now simple. Donations will not be billed until you reach your project's target, so contributors are safe, while getting your cash will cost you a 2.5% fee.


With Flyp, you can get multiple phone numbers for both calls and texts, and separate your contacts according to how you most commonly contact them. On top of that, each number can have its own voice mail, which means that you can remain professional for your work contacts, and fun for your friends.