Bring Hands-Off Stitches to You: Carina VS Brother Sewing Machine Review

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A sewing machine is an access to creativity and self-sufficiency, whether you want to mend tears, hem long pants, or need to DIY a costume for Halloween. It helps you get rid of the awkwardness of not finding the right outfit or the match curtain, if you’ve had the sewing skills to make your own clothing. However, sewing machines Australia on the market have become more and more easily-operated and user-friendly. That means fewer sewing skills are less required if you have a multifunctional embroidery machine that can bring hands-off stitches to you.

For those who’re confused about choosing which sewing machine brand, here is a detailed product review with comparisons between our brand Carina, and another well-known Brother sewing machine GS2500. This sewing machine review is going to compare the two brands on speed, patterns, stitch control and some other concern-raised factors.

Carina VS Brother Sewing Machine Comparison

Product NameCARINA 32-Pattern Mini Sewing MachineBrother GS2500 Sewing Machine
Sewing SpeedAbout 1,200 spm800 spm
Stitch Patterns3225
Buttonhole Style4 step4 step
Stitch Length ControlYesYes
Stitch Width ControlYesNo
Maximum Stitch Length4mm4mm
Maximum Stitch Width5mm
Thread Tension ControlYesYes
Easy Bobbin SettingYesYes
Free Arm StyleYesYes
Bonus Accessories21 Bonus AccessoriesAn Instructional DVD

Price Level

The investment of a sewing machine is a consideration-required issue for most families and individuals who don’t regard sewing as a job. Budget must be listed into their consideration firstly. Carina Sewing Machine is priced reasonably at $99.99, with similar functions and configurations with Brother sewing machine GS2500, which is at the price of about $279.

Sewing Speed

Sewing speed must be one of an essential issue to test a sewing machine. Although higher velocity doesn’t indicate the result of perfect project, at least 750 spm is required for a strong and powerful sewing device. Obviously both Carina and Brother sewing machines can reach the basic standard. Carina processes sewing speed of about 1,200 spm, which is 400 spm higher than Brother, 800 spm.

Stitch Patterns

The number of stitch pattern in a sewing machine can allow for more elaborate and creative stitching, which can add more decorative or unique elements on your project. Hence the stitch pattern plays an important role on sewing capabilities. Brother GS2500 is a 25-pattern device that fits most people’s basic sewing needs, while our Carina sewing machine is able to offer 32 various stitching patterns to all ingenious DIYers.

32 pattern sewing

Buttonhole Sewing

If you plan to buy a sewing machine for making garments, buttonhole operation is important to you. Both Carina and Brother sewing machines adopt 4-step buttonhole style. It means they both require four operations on the machine from you during button sewing.

Stitch Control

Adjustable length and width of stitches can not only add style to your project, but also allow you to adjust them to fit different fabrics. Compared to Brother sewing machine GS2500, our Carina has adjustable stitch width function, while there’s only stitch length control on Brother GS2500.

Free Arm Style

A compact, lightweight sewing machine makes it a breeze to held in hand and move around the house. And the free arm style can add more convenience to the operation and portability. Whether you plan to buy Carina or Brother sewing machine, their free-arm style enables you to pick up and use at ease.

CARINA 32-Pattern Mini Sewing Machine-Blue


In a conclusion, Carina Sewing Machine is a perfect sewing model for most basic and special sewing projects, and those who have less budget on a sewing machine, while Brother Sewing Machine requires richer sewing skills to operate. After browsing this sewing machine review, you have no excuse to miss our sewing machine sale at CrazySales now!

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