Caring for your cats

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If you are reading this article chances are you have a feline companion at home. People reading this article are here to better know how to take care of their cats. Cats like any other pet in the world need love and care from their owners. That is all well and good but a cat has different needs from other animals.


Here are the basics for taking care of cats


Bring your cat to the veterinarian for regular check-ups

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We all need medical care especially our pets, since we are unable to understand them it might be harder to see their discomfort. Regular medical check-ups will make sure any pet is healthy. It will also enable us to see any disease to catch it early and treat it properly. Make sure your pets are up to date with their shots to prevent any disasters.   


Feed your cats a nutritionally balanced diet and give them access to clean water 24/7


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Cats like all living things need food to live. There are plenty of great cat food brands out there be sure to choose wisely. Here is a website that will show you some recommended cat food and their ingredients.

Disclaimer: Consult a veterinarian before buying a particular brand of cat food.


Keep the litter box clean

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Cats are a naturally clean species and will be inclined to use a litter box. Please remember to put your litter box in a quiet and private place, cats value their privacy. Be sure to scoop your litter box daily and periodically wash it with dish liquid and hot water.      


Groom your cats regularly


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All cats must have their hair brushed regularly to keep their coats and skin healthy. They must also have their claws clipped to keep them from growing into their paws. Grooming is an excellent way of checking for injuries, flees and anything else.

Disclaimer: If you do not know how to groom a cat, check for a place that does.         


Provide Entertainment and play time

Like a child a cat or any pet in general appreciate times with their masters. Cats can often entertain themselves but will enjoy playing with you. You don’t even need expensive toys to play with them. A simple thing like an open paper bag (remove the handles) can give them hours of fun. A cat however needs something to scratch for comfort as well as exercise. Make sure you rotate toys so cats do not get bored with them.

This cat gym and scratching post will help your cat entertain themselves.

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Cats can climb, run, jump, hide and rest in this gym, featuring numerous shaped ramps and planks allowing your cat to exercise. There is also a scratching post to keep your cat from scratching the furniture. Not only will this keep your cat from scratching the furniture, but will also keep them in shape!    

Those are some of a cats basic needs to keep them healthy. Let us know in the comment section below how you take care of your cat.